AMY? Sound and Image / Julia Antonia, Leo Cohen, Holger Rabenstein, Robert Mueller Moa, Babette Semmer, Berlin, Bettina Semmer



AMY? Sound and Image
Sunday, July 29, 5-7pm, with performance by Bernd Medek Recital 10 Songs

Julia Antonia, artist, Berlin
Leo Cohen, artist, curator, London
Holger Rabenstein, artist, print maker, Rottweil
Robert Mueller Moa, artist, Berlin
Babette Semmer, artist, Berlin, London
Bettina Semmer, artist, curator, Berlin

Julia Antonia, Leo Cohen, Holger Rabenstein, Robert Mueller Moa, Babette Semmer, Berlin, Bettina Semmer

Anita Staud, artist, Berlin
“My drawings were created between 2008 and 2009, being inspired by the daily press and images, from which one could read Amy’s emotional state between hunger of life and self destruction. These drawings are almost a daily transcript of the media coverage.”

Jessica Voorsanger, artist, London
“This portrait of Amy Winehouse brings together two pieces of work previously shown by Jessica Voorsanger. In her Impostors Series (2007) she invited visitors to the New Art Gallery Walsall to become prominent musical celebrities and perform their songs in a constructed Karaoke installation. The oil painting of Amy Winehouse was shown earlier this year in a piece where the visitors to the exhibition were invited to create their ultimate ‘Dream Band’ from a large collection of portraits of musicians. Almost always, Amy was selected as a primary member of the band.”

Maja Vokojicic, artist, Berlin, Florenz


Also made by SemmerBerlin:
Amy?Gin edition of 3, 15.- €
Amy?beer edition of 27, 4.- €
T-Shirts between 15 and 22 €




Julia Antonia on wall behind Jessica Voorsanger’s Outfit, Leo Cohen behind Maja Vukojicic’s dress, Bettina Semer’s Wall piece and Anita Staud’s drawings (right)




Babette and Robert with AMY? gin




AMY? Beer Edition of 27




Leo Cohen, Maja Vukojicic




Poster by Babette Semmer and sculpture by Robert Mueller-Moa




Vernissage and video installation by Babette Semmer